Sunday, November 20, 2016

Listening to Louis MacNeice

Hear Louis MacNeice in his own voice.
The dates that follow poems are those given in MacNeice's Collected Poems edited by Peter McDonald.

"Snow" (January, 1935) (recorded 1949)

"Bagpipe Music" (July, 1937) (he mentions "all the bad feminine rhymes")

"Meeting Point" (April, 1939)

"Conversation" (March, 1940)

"Prayer before Birth" (1944)

Other Voices read MacNeice
"Bagpipe Music" (July 1937) by David W Solomons

"Autumn Journal" (1938) excerpts

"Meeting Point" (April, 1939) read by Donall Dempsey

"Prayer Before Birth" (1944) recited by Mark Rylance

Other Resources
"No Go (For Louis MacNeice)" by The Cleaners from Venus

2016 documentary on MacNeice:

Richard Elman introduces MacNeice