Friday, November 26, 2010

Thinking in Verse

The first issue of the new on-line periodical Thinking in Verse (edited by Ruth Abbott and David Nowell-Smith) features articles by Isobel Armstrong, Simon Jarvis, Henri Meschonnic, David Nowell-Smith, Clive Scott, and Ross Wilson.

A call for papers is now circulating for a conference to be held at Université Paris Didérot, "Legacies of Modernism: The State of British Poetry Today" (June 9-11, 2011), organized by David Nowell-Smith and Abigail Lang.

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Christine Reynier and Jean-Michel Ganteau (eds), Autonomy and Commitment in Twentieth-Century British Literature, Presses U de la Méditerranée, Present Perfect 5, 2010 (ISBN 978-2-84269-890-4).