Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 400th Birthday!

Today is the day John Milton was born in Cheapside in 1608.  If you haven't done anything yet to honor the poet, you can read a bit of Milton yourself, listen to a reading of Milton by someone else, or click on some of the links below.

Links & Things:
Podcast of Geoffrey Hill's Lady Margaret Lecture featuring his reading of Milton and his own works at Christ's College, Cambridge (October 29, 2008).
Other Lady Margaret Lectures on Milton (2008).
John Milton 400th Anniversary Celebrations organised by Christ's College, Cambridge (2008), including podcasts of the English Faculty reading the complete Paradise Lost (podcasts, 2008).
Terry Eagleton, "Milton's Republic: Our great dissident poet, born 400 years ago today, did more than just hymn the praises of revolt," Guardian (December 9, 2008).
Take the Milton Quizz from the Guardian (December 9, 2008).
Tom Vitale, "John Milton, 400 Years of 'Justifying God to Man,'" text and podcast from NPR All Things Considered (December 7, 2008).
Matthew Shaw, "John Who?" Curator's Blog from the British Library (December 9, 2008).